Training and massage


Here’s me finishing Ironman Western Australia, setting a new personal best time, in December 2012.

If you’re young, or not so young, at the peak of your athletic potential, or a little out of practise, I’ve got the knowledge, skills and experience to help you achieve your goals, add life to your years and have fun in the process!

As the founding personal trainer and massage therapist at Benefit Health & Fitness, I’ve built a reputation for providing quality services tailored to individual requirements. I build strength, stability and functional fitness and avoid commando-type training methods. I provide innovative, high quality personal training programs that are safe and scientifically proven to deliver results. This means that you’ll:

  • gain maximal benefits from every session and reach your goals sooner,
  • receive a program that’s specifically designed for your needs,
  • train for functional improvements and notice the benefits in your everyday activities and/or sports performance.

I also offer remedial massage therapy to ease aches and pains, aid your recovery from training sessions and competition, and promote rehabilitation from illness and injury.

Contact me for more information and to arrange your first session. I look forward to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Best regards,

Bruce Caretti